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About Jerry Buzzetta

33 years as a First Responder caused much personal trauma and PTSD symptoms. Unfortunately, I buried the pain, feelings, emotions, and experiences deep inside creating various layers-like an onion-of anger, fear, detachment, avoidance, amongst others, and kept accumulating layer after layer while I continued to convince myself that: “it’s part of the job-I choose”.

I thought internalizing was the best way to be strong and man up, just as most others did in the Fire Service.

I was very wrong, unaware and it was self-destructive!

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Relationships is what our lives are made for!

Consequently, at home in my “safe” environment, surrounded by the ones I loved-when triggered-I unknowingly released the “Ogre” (onion) buried deep within me; a damaged, distorted and short-fused entity.

Depending on my mood, level of frustration, and sleep deprivation; rage, irritation, impatience, and toxicity was cast about, often undeservingly-on ones I loved most!

I had to mitigate (control), complete the task (ego), and fix it all (pride). Why? It was my Fire Service career forte.

I had chosen unknowingly and unwittingly to harm my most precious relationships, by reacting to them as if they were a problem to be solved, instead of loved ones that needed my full presence, love, and nurturing.

Without light, there is only darkness...

With 30+ years of PTSD and the ever increasing sciatica pain-from blowing 3 lower back disc's out while saving a Police Sergeant's life-I nearly committed suicide in my hopelessness. I wanted to swallow a bottle of pain pills-to stop the pain and end the agony of existence.


But thankfully, there was a spark of light left in my spirit and soul, internally, that said "What about your wife and 4 kids?", just as I prepared to swallow the pain pills.


Not long after this incident, I retired, and along with the nine job related operations that followed-somewhat putting "Humpty Dumpty's" body back together-during which I finally admitted, I needed help to TRANSFORM!


Not from the "outside in"-like was happening with the operations and my body-but, instead, from the "inside out"-to rid me of the “Ogre” (onion) once and for all!


Transformation is a choice. To Enjoy Life Sol Fully℠ and Live In-Joy,-is the reward!

My help came during two years (500+ hours, mostly weekends) of intensive holistic life coach training. Layers of the onion were slowly pealed back, releasing the “Ogre” for good.


My life had transformed from the inside out. This powerful experience led to becoming certified as an Master Life Coach (Expert Level), to help others do the same. Investing another 500+ hours on my own by attending seminars, reading books, & coaching.


My unique process BuzzettaQuette™, is where one learns skills, knowledges, and abilities to overcome life’s pains, achieve goals, fulfill desires & be successful!


You can “Enjoy Life Sol Fully”℠, & live In-Joy, despite life’s circumstances! This is "Transformational" Living!

Sat on the Rocks

It's OK to get help!

Don't wait or waste another minute!

I desire that ALL PERSONS who have careers and lives that are quite stressful and which lead to self-destructive behaviors, understand that it’s OK to get help! 


Don’t let pride, selfishness, ego, arrogance, or lack of awareness ruin relationships & steal your joy!


Working with a confidential, non-judgmental, supportive, authentic, trustworthy, experienced, & Professional Life Coach, will change your life forever!


Making the personal choice to understand the interplay between one’s mind, heart, body, spirit, soul, strength, and its direct impact to your health, well-being, and ability to experience success is most empowering, life-long, and transformational!         


*******Do YOU choose to "Enjoy Life Sol Fully"℠ and therefore, live In-Joy?”*******


This is not for any person who knows they are in need of a psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, or other certified clinician, but is for all others.

Wandering Traveler

Transformation begins in the courage of your choice, within this present moment!

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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