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Playing Golf

Why BuzzettaQuette?™

Backstory-"As human beings, we are ALL broken!"

My older brother is an avid golfer. The 18-hole round was created at the Old Course at St Andrews, Scotland in 1764. Golf etiquette is a long standing set of rules and practices golfers are expected to observe so fairness, courtesy, respect, truth, trust and honor is followed at all times. While my brother held us all to this-especially at his "The Bubb" golf tournament played at Lake Tahoe-he, however followed his own set of rules, once referred to as "Buzzetta Etiquette". (Double Standard-sound familiar?) As a result of these behaviors, he was mercilessly roasted by family in a hilarious costumed mock trial re: "disgusting & disrespectful golf course conduct" on his 40th birthday. The name BuzzettaQuette™ is a combination of our human drive & desire to ethically & morally do the right thing, but also reflects our human: brokenness, selfishness & inability to be obedient of our own freewill!

The BuzzettaQuette™ logo is the Cross of Saint Florian-the patron Saint of Firefighters-recognizes protection and hope comes from realms beyond us; the shapes of the 4 crosses are similar to Mardi Gras masks representing how we as human beings put on masks daily in an effort to disguise who we really are and to try and fit in; the outer circle is from Rotary, representing the motto of "Service Above Self"; the 18th hole golf flag & golf club-symbolizes the end of the round will come for us all at some point & 2018 is when the actual conceptualization for this business begin-also, on close observation, both are broken as they approach the core-as my brother did to his clubs-& as we are as human beings; the colors are that of the 7 primary chakras representing energy centers & their associated vibration/frequency; the 2 colors of the mind represents our good & evil dual-mindedness; at the center (of life) is our heart with it's PQRST heart wave powered by the sinoatrial (SA) node, which I suggest is where the soul manifests itself in our body, or is firmly rooted therein; and finally, +S to the 4th power, is the synergistic key to our supernatural capabilities, currently limited by the narrowness of our minds. 

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