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My Philosophy

Our Human Condition

As human beings, we all have needs, feelings, emotions, desires, intentions, thoughts, moods, values, morals, ethics-amongst other attributes and systems-that drive our choices and behaviors. Because of our human nature, we also struggle daily with our double mindedness. Because it’s spectrum of good to evil-in both our conscious and unconscious realms-affects us when forming our choices. Couple these with one's unique circumstances, imprinting, and experiences, and it becomes abundantly clear why many of our attributes are so conflicted and out of alignment. This condition drives our poor, unhealthy, unstable, and inappropriate thoughts, moods, and behavioral choices.


Happiness verses Internal Joyfulness

It’s no wonder then, why as Americans-everyday-we chase and seek the addictive and culturally significant (per The Declaration of Independence) "...pursuit of Happiness", to take away our pain(s) of being out of alignment! However, shortly after the "Happy" experience, and ultimately with time, it's less fulfilling, not meeting our true internal needs. Why? Because "Happiness" is commercially linked, seductive, misunderstood, externally dependent & temporal in nature. Instead, "Enjoy Life Sol Fully"℠ and live in joy that's internally created, eternally linked, empowers, sustains, and satisfies our human condition; holistically restoring our natural alignment.

Life is meant to be lived joyfully, driven from a conscious and internal free will choice. Joy flows when the interplay of our mind, heart, body, soul, spirit, & strength are all in alignment. BuzzettaQuette™ is a unique alignment process of self-awareness, spiritually and relational connectedness, sustained growth thru self-inquiry, mindfulness, present moment awareness, positive  psychology, and so much more. 


Success is a byproduct of one's internal transformation, whereby, one is free and powered supernaturally to achieve any goal(s) desired, while choosing to "Enjoy Life Sol Fully"℠, despite life's other circumstances.

Our Well-Being!

A human being's well-being is directly linked to the interplay amongst the domains of their mind, body, heart, soul, spirit, and strength. If these are in balance and aligned, one can naturally choose to "Enjoy Life Sol Fully"℠ and live in-joy, despite life's other circumstances. Many Life Coaches focus on the first three domains, but none-that I’m aware of-has brought all six domains together, like BuzzettaQuette™ does!

BuzzettaQuette™ holistically does precisely that, uniquely including the interplay of the soul, spirit, and strength-using scriptures and real life applications.


Many find new awareness, joy, abilities, love, peace, freedom, empowerment, knowledge, understanding, wisdom and strength when making the choice to draw from this supernatural and powerful source.


As your Life Coach; your needs, feelings, faith choice, goals, & life choices will take precedence & prevail.

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