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"So the blind will see & the deaf will hear-to bring that which is unknown into the known!"-from BuzzettaQuette™

Science explains many of nature's and life's processes. A wonderful example is the amazing transformation that a caterpillar undergoes through "Metamorphosis" to become a butterfly. Quite amazing and it would be unbelievable if we had not seen it with our own eyes! How much more exists around us that we cannot see or hear with our limited human senses?

Similarly, there is a "human metamorphosis" process-many seek to find, but only those with the courage to choose, will find-that transforms the way a human being lives life, from the inside out. Choosing to see the unseeable and hear the un-hearable (faith)-in courage-brings that which is unknown into the known; stops slavery to mind/self and gives freedom instead.

If one chooses to: acknowledge the truth of a greater power, that they are unconditionally loved with mercy and grace, and that there is a "way" to be be saved from SELF and FEAR-using knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and daily practices-they'll find alignment, strength, power, blessings, gratefulness, thankfulness, forgiveness, & help from the Spirit-allowing them to Successfully: "Enjoy Life Sol Fully"℠ and live in-joy, despite life's circumstances!

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