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Jerry has been an invaluable ally in my both personal journey toward transformation and in my professional path as I launch my own career as a life coach. We met as fellow students and quickly paired up to support one another in honing our coaching skills by practicing with one another and taking the opportunity to work on our own issues. Jerry is confident and committed. He listens attentively, asks great questions, and will make suggestions or propose new possibilities and viewpoints without imposing them. He radiates kindness and empathy and I am always comfortable sharing personal subjects and details around which I have suffered insecurity and shame. His compassion is nurturing and his intention to share in joy and celebration is equally valuable to me. By receiving coaching I have brought to light and am transforming numerous limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior. Some have occurred almost spontaneously and for others I have been deeply grateful to have Jerry’s ongoing support. I recommend his services with the highest regard.

Kenna A., Business Owner & Life Coach

As I continue on the path of self-discovery, alignment, and transformation you set me on, I'm allowing for things to develop and evolve in my life. I'm extremely grateful to you, & thank you for your time, as your coaching left me reeling, but in a good way, as there's something to say about realization and acceptance.  Also, having a new understanding of forgiveness-how it doesn't mean forgetting, but allowing and learning from the past experience(s), without having to accept and own/internalize that other person’s words and behaviors-is a profound concept for me-that in truth, I'm still learning, but wow, it now makes so much sense to me. My life has so much more joy in it now! Gracias!

Yvelise C., Educator

I worked with Jerry during a very stressful period in my life.  He helped me feel at ease and was very positive and professional.  He was very beneficial in my move forward and was always so genuine and supportive.  I would definitely recommend working with him if you’re looking for an uplifting, objective, and transformative life coach!

Monica, Businesswoman

I’m so glad you have asked for a testimonial. I, of course, write about your excellence as a coach and testify as to your wisdom and character and rigorous training, which I oversaw throughout your years at World School, with me. While 1st responders (FD, PD, EMS, Military) will relate to and resonate with your vast life & career experiences, I have no doubt that Athletes, Coaches, Educators, Business Owners, Managers, Pastors, Parents and others, who are under great stress, feel like life’s circumstances are sucking the joy out of their daily life’s, are stuck, suffering relationship issues, anxiety, mild depression, low motivation, or any other PTSD like symptoms, can experience life changing transformation by working with you as their coach, and that those challenges will mostly dissolve in their transformation-as they learn how to-and thereby also choose to-"Enjoy Life Sol Fully"℠ and live in-joy, despite life's circumstances. It will be an amazing and worthwhile experience, that most seek, yet few find!

David R., PhD, Therapist, Educator, Consultant, and Writer

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